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marina office
“ The days pass happily wherever my ship sails."
       – Joshua Slocum, first man to sail single-handedly around the world
boats docked at marina

Noank, Connecticut, a peninsula surrounded by the Mystic River and Long Island Sound, is a destination.  Very few just happen upon this little gem of a village.  If you should be lost and end up in Noank Village, stop at Carson's for a newspaper and coffee or chose a stool at the counter and order a double scoop hot-fudge sundae.  You can also stroll down to Ford's and pick out a lobster fresh off the boat.

But for many boaters traveling to Noank, their destination is NOANK MARINE SERVICE.  Located in Beebe Cove at 55 Spicer Avenue, Noank Marine Service has been owned by Bruce Avery for over 35 years.

Bruce and his team of skilled craftsmen care for your boat as if it were their own.  Their knowledge and excellent service is what keeps customers coming back for the broad range of marine services offered by boaters for boaters.

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