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About Noank Marine Service

When you grow up on a peninsula comprised of 1.5 square miles of land and miles of water, it is little wonder that your passion for the sea and the Village of Noank would play a role in your destiny.

"In 1861, Charles Mallory established the CH Mallory and Company Steamship Line.  In 1879, Robert Palmer put steam railways into his ship building plant in Noank.  His company became one of the largest in the United States at the time for making wooden ships."  A very young Bruce Avery, owner of Noank Marine Service, fulfilled his destiny by carrying on the tradition of maintaining and preserving wooden and traditional boats.  Bruce's knowledge of boats and his passion for the sea and sailing have made him iconic to the boating community.

The boat yard offers haul and launch services with a mobile hydraulic crane, mast stepping services, slips and moorings for transients, fuel and water and storage services.  Noank Marine Services currently stores classic boats in unheated buildings and has three climate controlled bays dedicated to repair including painting, varnishing and fiberglass repair.

The yard's crew of carpenters, painters, fabricators, machinists, electricians and riggers are experts in maintenance and repair jobs.  Skilled canvas-workers, sailmakers and electronics specialists are located nearby.  The Noank Marine Service crew is known for their superior craftsmanship, knowledge of wooden boats, and their camaraderie and enthusiasm.

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